With a love for all things sugar, we began waffling part- time in May of 2017 alongside our day jobs.

It started off with just weekends at small events in London, and the weekends then grew into weekdays and trips all over the UK! Soon we were having to make the decision to leave our jobs and focus full time.

Our very first event was a West London summer fair- we'd never waffled before and totally winged it with a 'Whats the worst that could happen?' attitude.

With trial and error came invaluable experience, broken waffles and lots of... burns.

Within 5 months of opening we landed a busy street food fest, selling over 600 waffles over 2 days and soon after came opportunities with brands we could only have dreamed of working with.

Since then we've worked with the likes of Facebook, Disney, Youtube and even waffled for four months with Secret Cinemas production of Blade Runner!

Shay & Malaika