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We've had over 6 years experience catering for events of all different calibres & sizes and that's why we have adaptable set-ups for both indoor and outdoor. 

We're pretty flexible, give us an idea of what you'd prefer


2 x 1.6m tables for a compact set up- ideally in an open space or ventilated area and close to an electrical point! If space is restricted, we can also set the table up outside as long as there is a shaded/covered area. Let us know if you prefer to provide your own branding.


Set up of our branded 2m x 2m gazebo. Ideal for festival, street food style outdoor events or large indoor spaces, we also have a 3m x 3m set up for large events


  • SPACE- For indoor- Please ensure we are placed in a ventilated area, ideally with a wall behind so we can keep hot equipment away from guests

  • ELECTRICITY- Access to a power point- we will bring appropriate extensions.

  • WATER- To fill our Bain Marie- if this is not possible please let us know before hand.

  • PARKING/ LOADING BAY ACCESS- Especially with Central London addresses it can be hard to stop, so a loading bay access permit can help us set up quicker.

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